Getting Started

  • What are the licensing requirements to drive with Uber in London?

    Uber works with Public Carriage Office (PCO) licensed drivers. At the time of onboarding, you will need to bring with you all up-to-date legally required documents. For yourself this includes:

    1. a valid driver's license

    2. driver's license counterpart

    3. PCO license.

    For your vehicle you will also need to bring:

    1. a valid MOT

    2. logbook

    3. commercial insurance certificate

    4. PCO license.

    If you are a PCO Operator yourself, just bring your operator's license.

  • I am not currently licensed, how can I become licensed?

    Becoming licensed with the TFL for private hire work is easy! Visit the TFL website which will guide you through the process of becoming a licensed driver.

  • How do I know what type of driver to apply for?

    UberLUX: You drive a long-wheel base S-class (or equivalent) vehicle in great condition. You obsess about your passenger's comfort and needs from the moment you accept a booking to the time you drop them off at their final destination, providing them all the touches they could expect from their own private chauffeur. You instinctively know whether passengers wish to be left in peace or want a cheerful conversation to make their day that little bit brighter. No request is too small or too silly - you deliver a 5-star service. Every time.

    UberEXEC: Your drive an E-class vehicle (or equivalent) vehicle in the latest shape - that is to say 2nd half 2009 or later Eclass, 2010+ for BMW 5, or 2011+ for Audi A6. You are the definition of consistency and reliability. Every client receives a professional and impeccable service. Every time.

    uberX: You drive a clean and professional saloon vehicle - ideally a Prius. You hate downtime and you love moving to keep chasing your next trip. You navigate the maze of London's roads like a pro. You pick up clients on time and take them to their destination as quickly and directly as humanly possible, all while delivering that classy and undefinable Uber experience on every journey.

  • I own an MPV vehicle, such as a Mercedes Viano or a Ford Galaxy. Can I still work with Uber?

    Unfortunately Uber London does not accept any high-capacity MPV vehicles at this time. Therefore we cannot accommodate any vehicles which seat more than the usual 4 passengers plus the driver. If you have any doubt about your vehicle drop us a note at and we'd be happy to answer any questions!

  • Do I need to have my own iPhone to work with Uber?

    Not at all! When you come in for induction we'll provide you with your own Uber iPhone (deposit required) which you'll use for all of your Uber work.


  • When do I get paid?

    Uber pays drivers on a weekly basis from Monday 4:00am to Monday 3:59am. Please allow 3-5 business days for this payment to process. The most accurate source for your payments are the invoices located within your Partner Dashboard.

    To access the invoices, you can log in at HTTPS://PARTNERS.UBER.COM (the username and password are the same as the UberDriver app on your phone) and click the "Invoices" link on the left.

  • How do I get paid?

    You'll be paid on a weekly basis via direct bank transfer.

    Once you are inducted on to the platform we will ask you to email us your full bank details. Or, when you come in to induction just bring a copy of your paper bank statement which includes your IBAN and BIC information!


  • Can a user request me in the future?

    No, users automatically request the closest driver based on location. This ensures that users are receiving the lowest ETAs, and that drivers are spending less on petrol.

  • When is it appropriate to call the client?

    We suggest that a driver only contacts a users only when you encounter an unexpected delay on the way to pick him or her up. This could include heavy traffic, an accident, flat tire, etc. Users tend to rate drivers lower if they have been contacted multiple times during a trip request.

  • Should I tell users to rate me 5 stars?

    We suggest that a driver never asks a user to "rate me five stars". Historically, drivers have received lower ratings after asking for 5 stars. If a driver provides an exceptional Uber service, the majority of time he/she will be rewarded accordingly!

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